Air Pollution

Research reports in 2018, High level of Air pollution may be associated with oral cancer. Especially PM2.5  and Ozone gas (O3)

When you are sick, what do you and your family lose? Probably better if we are not sick at all but can we prohibit it?

Air pollution is not only composed of small particles (PM10 and PM2.5), but also contains 4 important toxic gases that affect your health.

Air Quality Index (AQI) evaluate PM10, PM2.5 NO2 SO2 O3 and CO.

Everyone will know the haze news. But many people still say Eh! Where did the cause of the northern haze come from?

How much mask can you wear to prevent Air-Pollution? This small dust is extremely dangerous than anyone else. Don't underestimate PM2.5?

Today we come to get to know all the smog that covers the entire city. Well, where does the haze, cold fog come to find answers?

Forest Fire crisis and toxic haze in our northern region, it is still a problem for many generations. And still remains an important issue that still has no solution Which will occur every year during the summer The frequency of wildfire occurring both naturally occurring and people making up 73.17% of the total forest fires

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