Why should RespoKare anti-pollution mask?


Why should RespoKare Anti-Pollution Mask?

 Because air pollution not only consists of small dust(PM10 and PM2.5) but also contains 4 important toxic gases that affect the health of the body. Especially the respiratory system and heart

 RespoKare Anti-Pollution Masks,The only one that can break down 3 major toxic gases is Nitrogen Dioxide, Sulfur Dioxide and Ozone > 90%

 With special features copyrighted from the United States of America, specifically RespoKare Anti-Pollution Masks which can break down more than 30 types of organic matter easily in one mask up to 95%. Ensure that the air you and your loved ones are fresh air that does not hurt the health

RespoKare Anti-Pollution Mask has the following important features

  • Filter Small Particles PM 2.5 > 95%.
  • Break down Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2), Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) and Ozone (O3)> 90%
  • Breakdown other toxic gases for more than 30 types tested from leading research laboratories in the United States

 In addition to being fully protected Anti-pollution and dust masks also have 2 sizes, 1 pattern (Green). For adults, the size is large (L 15 cm Long) and small (S, 14 cm Long) to fit different face sizes. Without hurting the ears And close to the face

 For children 5 to 10 years 1 size (width 10 cm) and has up to 3 designs of cartoon characters, namely blue, green and yellow, to encourage children to feel like wearing a mask

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