Do your mask can prevent PM2.5 and Toxic Gas?


According to the news of PM2.5 smoke dust situation exceeding the standard in Bangkok area And spread throughout the country Is affecting the health of people very much Many people find ways to prevent PM2.5 from using dust masks. Use a damp cloth to cover the mouth, nose, or N95 masks.

Today we see Bangkok people. Wear a mask To prevent dust from coming out of the house more But most people think Preventing dust, PM2.5, normal mask is enough. Anyone can use it as well. Yes !!! But not the same How can each other How much will you pay to exchange for fresh air? Which the normal mask can protect only large dust particles, PM10 can not protect PM2.5

You already know this PM2.5 dust. This small dust is extremely dangerous than anyone else. Don't underestimate me.

To know more about smoke dust, PM2.5 dust is small dust, not more than 2.5 microns or smaller than 1 in 25 parts of the human hair diameter. Or only half the size of the blood cell (5 microns), causing PM2.5 dust to creep from the lungs into the body directly Enters the capillaries and spreads through the organs The dust looks like a rough cotton ball. Are carriers of other substances such as cadmium, mercury, heavy metals, hydrocarbons and many carcinogens

Therefore, Pollution Control Department Therefore introducing people in risk groups, including respiratory disease patients Cardiovascular disease If you need to leave the building, wear a mask that can filter small dust every time. If abnormal symptoms should seek medical attention Including requesting cooperation from all sectors to supervise various activities That may cause dust in the area of ​​burning, construction, vehicle use In order to help reduce the severity of the situation When this situation has happened What can we do besides starting ourselves? Protect your health with a mask that can protect PM2.5 from dust. Medicines, understand and care about the health of Thai people. Therefore effectively importing and distributing products that prevent dust, smoke and air pollution And still does not interfere with daily life

RespoKare Anti-Pollution and Dust Masks

There are special features that have been copyrighted in the decomposition of 30 types of combustion gases, and most importantly, break down toxic gases. Nitrogen dioxide Sulfur dioxide and ozone gas more than 90% and can filter dust, smoke, PM2.5 more than 95% and also many sizes For adults And many designs for children wearing comfortable throughout the day


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