Health insurance that gives you the right to protect as soon as you wear it.


Health insurance that gives you the right to protect as soon as you wear it.

When you are sick, what do you and your family lose? Probably better if we are not sick at all But can we prohibit it?

We do not offer life insurance. At various benefits Will only get when you are sick, suffer

We offer health insurance. That gives you the right to protect as soon as you wear it No need to wait for illness. No need to check health, age limit, buy and use immediately

5 main expenses that you will have to pay when you are unwell from respiratory infections

1. Travel expenses

Whether traveling to a pharmacy, clinic or hospital. Each has to pay whether it is fuel, taxi or train. Start at least 100 baht

2. Medication fees

When you are flu, measles or rubella. Even if you do not need to take antibiotics but you have to take medicine to relieve symptoms Whether coughing, sore throat, fever and body aches. Start at least 500 baht

3. Diagnostic fees

When the illness is not improved, you will be visit the doctor for proper diagnosis. The doctor will have to perform a physical examination and may have to send a blood test or additional X-ray. Start at least 300 baht

4. Hospital fees

In some people, severe symptoms or have complications from infection. May need to sleep with treatment closely Room rates and hospital service fees are different. Start at least 10,000 baht

5. Lost income

When you are sick with the flu And or influenza. The best treatment is rest and reduce the spread of germs to others How much do you stop working for a day? And will have to recuperate for a few days We try to think easily. The minimum wage is 300 baht per day, 3 days off work is 900 baht.

Is it time to choose a good insurance that can truly protect you and your family?

RespoKare Anti-Viral Mask whice can protect you from respiratory infections more than 99.99%

RespoKare Anti-Pollution Masks which can protect you from air pollution, toxic gases and small dust particles PM2.5 >95%

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