When should we wear a RespoKare Anti-Viral Mask?


... When should we wear a mask?

People with influenza or non-influenza?

People with influenza can spread germs from coughing, sneezing and exteranl breathing to others.

Oh my god !!! Just breath can spread the disease from infected people to others.

And more frightening is People infected with influenza can spread the disease before 2-3 days of symptoms and while having symptoms

People who are sick, have low fever, sore throat, no cough, can spread through the breath as well.

In summary, when should we wear a mask?

  • People with influenza, always wear a mask. Even without coughing because viral can spread through the breath out which not different from coughing, sneezing.
  • People are not flu, should wear the mask when in the meeting room, auditorium, cinema, theater, airport, department store, hospital and crowded community place.


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